Welcome to Damian G's math analysis blog

Welcome to Damian G's math analysis blog

Sunday, March 23, 2014

WPP 13/14 Unit P concepts 6/7

This WPP was made in collaboration with Tommy and William please visit the other awesome posts on their blogs by going here and here'
1. The Ups delivery man needs to make a delivery to Bobs pokemon store as well as Marty's guitar store. The stores are 11 miles apart from each other. The guitar store is S50W from the ups guy and the Pokemon store is S65 E form the ups guy. Find which store is closer to the ups guy.
The guitar store seems to be close at just 5.1 miles away.

2.Marty is sitting in his treehouse, He needs to go to both target and walmart. Target is 6 miles away at a bearing of 310. Walmart is 3 miles away ay 035. How far is Walmart from Target.

3. Bob is taking a break from his pokemon store. He goes to a river and sees a tree with delicious fruit on the the other side. He starts at point A and walks due south for 10 miles to point B. At point A there was a  bearing of S49W and at point B it was N62W. How far is the tree from point B.

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