Welcome to Damian G's math analysis blog

Welcome to Damian G's math analysis blog

Sunday, October 27, 2013

SV #4 unit I concept 2 logarithmic graphs

One thing to look out for is the h because it will become your asymptote. Also unlike the exponential graph the domain is limited and the range is the other way around. You must be careful about mixing those two up.

SP #3 unit I concept 1 exponential graphs

You need to pay special attention to the a,b,h,k as they will be used in order to graph the equation. You also need to pay attention to the asymptote because it will make the graph have no x intercept. Lastly you need to pay attention to the domain and ranges.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sv #3 unit h concept 7 evaluating logs using given info

In order to understand thus problem you must pay close attention to the given info. You also have to keep the numerator and denominator seperate from one another almost like they're 2 completely different problems until the very end where you bring them together. You also have to have the clue that you figured out on your own in this case log base 4 of 4 or this problem would be impossible to solve

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sv#2 unit g concepts 1-7 Finding all parts and graphing a rational function

This problem is about the rational expression x^3-x^2-6x/x^2+8x+12. In this problem you have to find multiple things. These things include the slant and vertical asymptote along with holes and x and y intercepts. You  must also be able to graph the rational expression 

You need to pay attention to wether the simplified or original equation was used to find things such as the intercepts. You must also pay attention to the way the graph as it will guide you through the problem. With all that said good luck on solving this rational expression.